Ray's got his next career move mapped out

When his NFL career is finally over - and it won't be ending just yet - Ray Lewis could head into any number of professions.

Can't say I expected acting to be the one he'd choose.

"Yes I'm going into (acting)," Lewis said yesterday during his interview on the Dan Patrick Show. "I think I'm very versatile. I mean I could definitely go into action, but action is probably the easiest one. You know drama, suspense, things like that. I don't like nothing about horror. I don't like nothing about that mess, but when you talk about acting that's kind of what I do, you know.

"That's why I watch so many movies because I like being in the producers head before they give you the plot of a movie - whether it's suspense, whether it's whatever. That's kind of from a kid, I always use to act out whoever it was and imitate all these different people. Then when I got older I started to realize then that I was very comfortable with the camera. You know all you have to do was really bring out what the paper says or who the character is and that's what I try to do every time I go on camera."

Recently, Lewis took part in an extended Pepsi Maxx commercial with Saints quarterback Drew Brees, which featured the Ravens linebacker running from a bottle of soda as if it was a serial killer.

I'd be scared of that much artificial sweetener as well. I only go for the real stuff.

If you want a sample of Lewis' acting ability, check it out.

"With the Pepsi Maxx thing with Drew, that was hilarious to create that sense of humor," Lewis said. "This sense of horror from a Pepsi bottle that's created all this drama going on. You know me and Drew Brees, we had a good time. We had a real good time doing it."

But Lewis won't stop at action movies or soda horror spoofs. He'd be interested in taking part in romantic comedies as well.

What female actress would Lewis want as his co-star?

"I like Salma Hayek," Lewis said. "She's a great actress. Yeah that would be awesome. Can you imagine?"

Not really, but it sure would be fun to see.

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