Could we see more first-round wheeling and dealing?

Ozzie Newsome has proven he isn't shy about making a trade in the first round of the draft, either to move up and snag a player higher on his board, or to accumulate picks by moving down.

Nope, he isn't shy at all.

If you dig into the NFL draft history books, you'll find that Newsome has made trades in the first round each of the last three drafts, and going back even further, we've seen the Ravens' general manager pull the trigger on a first-round deal in five of the last seven years.

That's a ton of wheeling and dealing by most teams' standards.

The question as we sit exactly one week from the first round of this year's draft is whether the Ravens will again shuffle things around and deal out of their original first-round position, which this year is the No. 26 overall pick.

Ask Newsome what he thinks the chances are of another first-round trade, and he'll tell you he "could not put a percentage on (it)." But one thing's for sure - the Ravens will look into all possibilities when it comes to potential deals.

"Normally (once) we're probably a week out, I'll start making some calls to people in front and people behind just to get a feel for what they're willing to do," Newsome said. "And we always try to put together a plan based on who's coming down the board - (For instance,) Michael Oher coming down the board (or) moving up to get (Joe) Flacco. We try to have a plan going in so that once we get involved in the draft, we're not just trying to think of things to do.

"We have a pretty good plan already in place. But the thing that I've learned from the very beginning is when you're picking (at No.) 26, you better have 26 players, because you may not get the opportunity on the trade and you may not be able to trade up, so you better have that 26th guy that you think could come in and contribute. That's where it stops. The rest of it takes care of itself."

While the Ravens will be prepared to pick at 26, their positioning in the first round could actually lend itself quite nicely to yet another Day One trade.

There are a number of teams that might be interested in moving into the latter portion of the first round to secure either a quarterback or a defensive lineman - two highly sought-after positional areas in this year's draft class.

Most draft analysts believe that there could be a run on quarterbacks late on Day One, which means that the Ravens' phone lines could be buzzing with teams trying to jump up to Baltimore's 26th pick.

"Some people are saying that people will try to get back into the bottom of the first (or) top of the second (round) to grab their quarterback," Newsome said. "I can't answer that. If the phone rings, we'll answer it."

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