Ravens show rust in 13-6 preseason opening loss to Eagles

It wasn't the most thrilling NFL action ever, but no one should have expected it to be.

Coming off an offseason that lacked OTAs and minicamps, the Ravens showed some rust, as they missed tackles, committed 11 penalties, and were unable to get much of an offensive rhythm in a 13-6 loss to the Eagles.

There were plenty of moments and areas that head coach John Harbaugh and the coaching staff will spend the next couple days analyzing, critiquing and playing back in the film room time and again. Offensive penalties in the red zone, moments where opposing players eluded tackles in the backfield, and dropped passes were aplenty tonight.

But the Ravens won't be alone in those areas. They purposely kept their defense vanilla so as not to reveal too much, and you have to imagine that every team in the league will battle through various issues as we ease our way back into NFL football. Additionally, there were plenty of positives for Harbaugh to single out, as well.

"I saw fanatical effort. We played hard as heck," Harbaugh told reporters in Philadelphia. "Obviously, we've got tons of work to do, we've just got to get better faster than the people we're going to play."

The Ravens got solid work out of their second-string defense tonight, including new safety Bernard Pollard, who grabbed an interception and was a physical presence all night.

Offensively, Joe Flacco went 3-for-6 for 60 yards in one quarter of action, and while his offensive line was shaky in front of him, Flacco eluded trouble and worked through his reads smoothly.

Kicker Billy Cundiff contributed the only Baltimore points on the night, hitting on field goals of 53 and 34 yards, the former of which kissed off the left upright but still snuck through the goalposts.

You have to think Cundiff and the Ravens are slightly frustrated by the fact that their advantage on kickoffs is all but gone now that kickoffs will take place from the 35-yard line, but we'll leave that alone for now.

Plenty more analysis to come from this one.

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