Report: Umenyiora no longer allowed to seek trade

Two days ago, the Giants told defensive end Osi Umenyiora that he had permission to seek a trade.

Not liking the trade offers that they got back from teams who were interested in Umenyiora's services, the Giants have now rescinded Umenyiora's ability to look for a deal.

The Ravens were reportedly interested in Umenyiora, although they were not willing to part with a first-round pick, which is the return that the Giants were asking for.

Giants management apparently is holding to that first-round demand, or at least something close to it, and is unwilling to part with their two-time Pro Bowler for less.

Any team acquiring Umenyiora would not only have needed to give up a high draft pick, but also a big chunk of change. Umenyiora was looking for an extension to his current deal, which runs for two more years at $8 million total.

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