Tempers flare during a hot day in Owings Mills

We got to see our first training camp skirmish today.

If not for that, I’m not sure I’d have much to discuss right now.

In the middle of a very quiet practice this afternoon at Ravens headquarters, things quickly turned heated between linebacker Albert McClellan and offensive tackle Andre Ramsey during full squad drills.

McClellan and Ramsey got locked up during a passing play, and after some initial pushing and shoving, they decided to rumble. McClellan backed a step or two away from Ramsey and squared up with his fists in front of him, as if he had gloves on and was part of a Vegas undercard.

The outside linebacker, who spent last season on the Ravens’ practice squad, threw a haymaker at Ramsey and then dove towards him, and the two men grappled for a bit as teammates jumped in, trying to break up the fight.

After about 15 seconds or so, order was restored, and practice continued. Ramsey, who spent time with the Seahawks, Bills and Jets prior to joining the Ravens’ practice squad last December, apparently got the worst of the fight, as he left the field flexing his hand with a trainer by his side.

I will never understand why football players insist on throwing punches when they’re involved in an on-field fight. What’s the goal there, to punch the other guy’s helmet and hope he gets a little dizzy?

Regardless, I wouldn’t be surprised if head coach John Harbaugh was happy to see some intensity out of his players. I bet he just wishes guys wouldn’t go throwing right hooks while their opponents are decked out in helmets and hard plastic pads.

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