Evans hopes to keep playing on bum ankle

During his Monday afternoon press conference, head coach John Harbaugh suggested that wide receiver Lee Evans' injured left ankle is affecting his play.

Today, Evans essentially said he agrees with Harbaugh's assessment.

"It is limiting (me)," Evans admitted. "I'm not 100 percent, so it does limit some of the things I can do. But in the same breath, I'm able to do certain things effectively, and I think you try to capitalize on that and try to protect it as much as you can. But, it's hard in a game. You've got to play the game, and you're not always comfortable doing that."

Evans has made just two catches for 45 yards through the Ravens' two games thus far this season, and the lingering ankle injury that he suffered back in training camp has clearly played a part in his limited production.

As I mentioned earlier, Evans did not practice today, but he said he still hopes to play Sunday against the Rams. Harbaugh tossed out the possibility of sitting Evans for a period of time if the ankle continues to plague him, but the Ravens' coach has also said that the ailment can't get any worse if the wide receiver continues to play on it.

"Yeah, they told me it couldn't get worse, but the bottom line is to try and get better," Evans said. "That's really where we're trying to get to. But yeah, running on it or anything, it's not where I can damage my femur or something by running on it. But, just trying to get better and get to full strength."

Is it possible for the injury to markedly improve if Evans keeps going out on Sundays and giving it a full-go?

"That's what we're trying to figure out," Evans said. "If we can manage it during the week and still play on Sunday, then I think we're in an ideal situation. It's still two weeks in, and I think it's getting a little bit better, but you've still got to play it by ear. The bye week will obviously be big, but for right now, we're just trying to make it there."

Evans had issues with his left ankle last year as a member of the Bills, and that injury caused him to miss the final three games of the season and be placed on injured reserve.

While there might be some concern that his current injury is related to the one which ended Evans' season last year, the eight-year veteran says the issues he's dealing with now are completely new.

"It's not (related to last year)," Evans said. "It's different types of muscles involved, pain, everything. It's completely different."

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