Brendon Ayanbadejo ejected for punch to the face

The offensive play by both the Ravens and Jaguars tonight has been atrocious.

The officiating is now approaching that level, as well.

Three times tonight a ruling on the field has been overturned after review, we’ve had a handful of silly penalties (the personal foul whistled on Bernard Pollard for a helmet-to-helmet hit on a defenseless receiver was just uncalled for) and now we’ve had a player ejected for a penalty which you’ll see in any NFL football game.

Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo has been thrown out of tonight’s game for delivering an open-handed punch to the facemask of Jaguars offensive lineman Guy Whimper.

The personal foul on Ayanbadejo was warranted. The ejection was not. Both Ayanbadejo and Whimper delivered shots to the other’s facemask, and while Ayanbadejo wound up and gave his slap-punch combo with some force behind it, it was not worthy of an ejection.

Personally, I feel offsetting penalties should have been whistled, and that would’ve been perfectly fair. Instead, the Ravens are without their top special teams coverage guy the rest of the night.

Oh, and that penalty on Pollard - which kept alive the Jaguars’ drive and allowed them to tack on another field goal to take a 9-0 lead - was just unnecessary. It’s tackle football, folks, not two-hand touch.

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