Harbaugh has some fun with the Jacksonville media

Here’s how the typical mid-week routine works in the NFL, for those who are unaware: The head coach and one key player have to take part in a conference call with the opposing team’s media every Wednesday. If the teams are playing on Monday night, those conference calls take place on Thursday.

Following standard protocol, the reporters here at Ravens headquarters chatted with Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio and safety Dawan Landry today, while John Harbaugh and safety Ed Reed took time to call in and talk with the Jacksonville media.

During his lengthy conference call, Harbaugh was asked a variety of standard questions about Joe Flacco, the Ravens’ offense and how his team will prepare to face a rookie quarterback.

Reading through the transcript, it looks like Harbaugh also seemed to have a bit of fun with Jacksonville reporters, who questioned the Ravens’ coach about playing on “Monday Night Football.”

“It’s exciting,” Harbaugh said. “Everybody’s watching, all the family and friends, people you know and old girlfriends and all that kind of stuff and so our guys get excited to play. I think every player and coach in the league gets excited for Monday night.”

Part of that response stood out to a reporter, who then followed up by asking if Harbaugh has any old girlfriends who will be watching on Monday night.

“I was talking about some of our players that were a little more popular in high school,” Harbaugh said.

I’m assuming that response drew some solid laughter.

As you might expect, the conversation later turned toward the now infamous postgame handshake incident that Harbaugh’s brother Jim was involved in last Sunday when his 49ers beat the Lions, coached by Jim Schwartz.

John Harbaugh was asked if he would like Jim’s chances if his younger brother had thrown down with Schwartz.

“Oh gosh yes, absolutely,” Harbaugh said. “Yeah, absolutely. I’ve been in enough of those fights to know how that goes.”

Harbaugh was asked if Jim is more emotional than he is.

“My players would tell you that he’s not,” John responded simply.

Harbaugh then added that the fiery personality that the head coaching brothers share comes from their parents.

“(My dad’s) emotional; yeah he’s the same way,” Harbaugh said. “We come by it honestly, I can guarantee you that.

“It’s in the genes. Mom, she’s the worst one. She’s the craziest one of us. She’s Sicilian. Sicilian and Polish, that’s a volatile combination.”

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