David Reed will not return kicks Sunday

Special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg announced today that David Reed will not be handling the Ravens' kickoff returns this Sunday, following Reed's two-fumble performance against Seattle last week.

"He will not be returning kicks for us on Sunday," Rosburg said.

Including a fumble against Pittsburgh, Reed now has put the ball on the turf three times in the Ravens' last two games, causing him to lose the kick return duties.

The Ravens are not throwing in the towel with Reed; he's still a part of special teams drills and the coaches are taking time with him to try and cure his recent case of fumblitis.

"What we did yesterday is we took David aside and spent a good deal of time with (running backs coach) Wilbert Montgomery and myself, going back to the fundamentals of ball security," Rosburg said. "Really, that's what it was, it was fundamental flaws. It's not a lightning strike. It doesn't happen by accident. There's reasons that it happens. There's reasons that it happened in Pittsburgh and there's reasons that it happened in Seattle.

"So we went about trying to correct it, fix it, because we like David back there as a returner, but he won't be our returner if he puts the ball on the ground."

Reed certainly looked like his confidence was shaken due to his fumbles against Seattle, but Rosburg isn't doubting that the second-year wide receiver can get back on track in time.

"I'm sure he can bounce back," Rosburg said. "David's a competitive athlete and he's looking forward for the next opportunity. We don't know when that is, and I'm certain when he does get in there again, everybody's going to be watching with that in mind. But David's a competitive guy, and he understands what he has to do to get that job back. He's got to earn the trust of everybody on this football team that he's going to hang onto the ball when he gets it, and he started that path yesterday."

Reed left his feet on both of the returns that resulted in fumbles against Seattle, something which Rosburg said cannot happen.

As far as who will handle the kick return duties Sunday against Cincinnati, Rosburg said the coaches will make that decision in the next couple days. Today's practice will play a large part in determining who gets that job.

The Ravens' options are cornerback Chris Carr and wide receivers Torrey Smith, LaQuan Williams and Tandon Doss.

"That's what we're working on today," Rosburg said. "We're going to have a good kickoff return practice and we're going to find out who our kickoff returner for Sunday."

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