Ravens going back in black

For the second time this season, the Ravens will break out their black jerseys for a primetime game.

After sporting the all-black look in a Sunday night clash with the Jets back in Week 4, the Ravens will be wearing their black jerseys and white pants Thursday night when they take on the 49ers.

It's a look which most of the fan base seems to have embraced, and one which many of the Ravens' players enjoy, as well.

Terrell Suggs was unaware the team would be wearing its black jerseys come Thursday night, but lit up when informed of the team's decision.

"I'm a uniform guy," Suggs said. "I like (that) you can wear different things. I always wanted to kind of like wear the throwback (jerseys) with the old Ravens logo. I always want to change the uniform up. It's good any time that you can have some variety, kind of give the fans a different look."

The Ravens have been very successful when they've donned the black jerseys in the past.

Overall, they're 8-2 in franchise history when they wear black jerseys. The Ravens are 5-2 when they go with black jerseys and black pants, and are a perfect 3-0 when they sport the black unis and white pants.

Under John Harbaugh, the Ravens have not lost when they've worn black jerseys, going 5-0.

I'm pretty sure the black jerseys won't help the Ravens put any extra points on the board Thursday night or assist Ray Lewis as he tries to fight through his foot injury and get back on the field.

But hey, going up against a tough 9-1 49ers team, the Ravens will take any help they can get.

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