Ravens or Seahawks - Who you got?

It seems a little unfair to have the Ravens play the Seahawks this week coming off Sunday night's super-dramatic game against the Steelers.

We have to transition from arguably the best rivalry in the NFL and a thrilling game played between two Super Bowl contenders, to a game pitting a 6-2 team against a 2-6 team in a matchup with minimal historical significance.

I guess they can't all be epic showdowns. Here's how the Ravens and Seahawks match up statistically entering Sunday's game:

Total Offense
Ravens: 342.9 yards per game (16th)
Seahawks: 296.1 yards per game (29th)

Rushing Offense
Ravens: 102.0 ypg (22nd)
Seahawks: 88.3 ypg (30th)

Passing Offense
Ravens: 240.9 ypg (12th)
Seahawks: 207.9 ypg (23rd)

Total Defense
Ravens: 279.4 ypg (second)
Seahawks: 352.8 ypg (16th)

Rushing Defense
Ravens: 86.8 ypg (third)
Seahawks: 110.4 ypg (13th)

Passing Defense
Ravens: 192.6 ypg (fifth)
Seahawks: 242.4 ypg (18th)

Turnover Ratio
Ravens: +4 (t-7th)
Seahawks: -5 (t-23rd)

Let's be real for a minute here. The Seahawks aren't very good.

They have the league's fourth-worst offense, average just 15 points per game and will start a quarterback who has thrown six touchdowns and nine interceptions on the year. Their leading receiver is rookie free agent Doug Baldwin (who?) and after a loss to the Cowboys last weekend, Seattle has now dropped four of their last five games.

The only way the Ravens lose this game on Sunday is if they beat themselves. The problem is that we've already seen that happen twice this year.

Seattle does have some playmakers on both sides of the ball, and offensively, running back Marshawn Lynch and wide receiver Sidney Rice can pose some problems. Lynch is coming off a 135-yard rushing performance last week and has shown in the past that he can dominate at times (this might be one of my favorite runs in the history of the NFL), and while Rice is banged up, he's a tough guy to cover because of his size and speed.

Defensively, Seattle uses a 4-3 alignment up front, which is something the Ravens have had trouble against of late. The running game has really struggled to get going against 4-3 looks, but this will be a nice test for the Baltimore offense before they play a much tougher 4-3 defense in the Bengals next week.

The Seahawks have been really stingy in goal-to-go situations, allowing a league-best 38.5-percent touchdown efficiency rate, so the Ravens will have to grind out yardage deep in Seattle territory.

Defensive end Chris Clemons has been a force for the Seahawks this season, recording five sacks, while strong safety Kam Chancellor (three interceptions) and second-year free safety Earl Thomas are a tough duo on the back-end.

I didn't think the Ravens would lose to Tennessee after a big Week 1 win over the Steelers. I didn't think Baltimore would fall against Jacksonville after a dominating performance over the Texans.

It can't happen again, can it?

Put me down for a 27-6 Ravens win.

What's your take? Will the Ravens put those ugly memories of road losses to the Titans and Jaguars behind them and improve to 7-2 for just the second time in franchise history? Or do you see another disappointing road performance on the horizon?

Who you got?

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