Ray Lewis: “I am making some progress”

Linebacker Ray Lewis, who missed his first game since 2007 on Sunday because of a foot injury, is still hopeful that he can play Thursday night, when the Ravens host the 49ers.

Lewis is undergoing treatment and was not available to the media Tuesday, but the Ravens released this statement from him:

“I apologize for not being available as I normally am on a day like today, but I am taking every opportunity to get treatment on my foot to prepare to play on Thursday. Anytime you see your team on the field, you always want to be out there with them. As the leader of your team, it doesn’t sit well with me to be on the sidelines. But I was the biggest cheerleader out there on Sunday, and I was truly proud of the way we played as a team.

“I am doing everything in my power to get back as fast as I can, whether that’s this week, next week or whenever it is, I am doing everything I can to be out there with my team. I want to play Thursday night, and I am making some progress.”

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