Irsay would "love" for Ravens to win Super Bowl in Indy

It would probably be fair to say that an overwhelming majority of Baltimore sports fans are not too fond of the Irsay family.

Did I just put that as nicely as possible, or what?

Back in the early-morning hours of March 28, 1984, Baltimore Colts owner Robert Irsay decided to move his team to Indianapolis, breaking the hearts of many in the Baltimore region.

Now, Robert Irsay's son says he'd "love" for Baltimore's current football team to win the Super Bowl.

Check out this tweet sent by Jim Irsay, who is now the owner of the Colts, earlier today:

"I'd love 2c Steve B get the Trophy and Baltimore n tons of friends there n it's only fitting with my good friend R Berry n tow!"

"Steve B", of course, is Steve Bisciotti, the Ravens' owner. The reference to former Baltimore Colts wide receiver Raymond Berry is because Berry will be presenting the Lombardi Trophy to whichever team wins this year's Super Bowl.

Can you picture a better conclusion to the season than the Ravens hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Indianapolis, with Irsay likely watching on and Berry handing over the hardware? I sure can't.

Prior to Sunday's Texans-Bengals game, I mentioned a report that Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was in Houston to do some in-person scouting of the Texans from the stands.

Yesterday, head coach John Harbaugh confirmed that Cameron was watching from inside of Reliant Stadium, and said that's often a strategy Cameron employs in order to get a better feel for a team's defensive unit.

"That's something Cam has done; he's done that quite a few times over the years when we've had bye weeks," Harbaugh said. "That's something he likes to do. It gives him a feel - watching the game live, scouting the game live. It's not so much X's and O's as it is a feel for the tempo and things like that. That's something he likes to do, and he's done that over the years."

While the Ravens feel they're in good shape health-wise going into Sunday's game against the Texans, Houston apparently is fairly well-off from a medical standpoint, as well.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak said yesterday that his team came out of the win over Cincinnati without any major injuries, and he also said that tight end Owen Daniels (who was Houston's leading receiver this season with 54 catches for 677 yards and three touchdowns) should be able to suit up despite a hand injury which was thought to be serious Sunday.

"It's not going to keep him from playing. He's fine," Kubiak said. "He'll be back on the practice field when we get started on Wednesday. That's nothing that's going to hold him back. Still kind of in an evaluation process, but he went back in the game and he will be ready to go. It's not an issue from that standpoint."

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