Wieters - A step in the right direction

Of course I’d like to see the entire club come together at the same time, but that rarely happens anywhere.

Matt Wieters certainly has taken big strides toward becoming a complete player at the toughest position on the field. I am very happy to see how well he is throwing the ball.

His footwork right now is as good as it’s going to get. I am impressed that he is calling so many good games. It will get even better as the pitchers improve, but I really like his creativity. He is doing things now that will make a big difference in the way the starters approach their games. In the long run it will pay dividends. He is taking charge more and more and that means his ability to communicate is improving.

That is so important that he does it his way, not mine or anyone else, just he himself bringing them all together. He is the one who sees it first hand and the one who has to choose the options. I see a much better set-up behind home plate which will help him in all areas; blocking, throwing and receiving.

He still needs to quiet down a bit before delivery, which means there is too much motion, but tons better than it was last year. Framing pitches and getting those strikes on the corners is getting better also. It takes a bit more time for a big catcher to settle in and get comfortable, but I am sure he is heading down the road to being one of the best defensive catchers in the game.