Should Stephen Strasburg be an NL All-Star?


The question will get more legs as we get closer to the final picking of The NL All-Star team around July 9, but this is what some MLB managers are saying right now...

Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he would not be in favor of Strasburg making the NL All-Star squad. His argument is that he feels you would have to leave someone off who may deserve it more, and that if Strasburg continues to progress as he has in his first three major league starts, he will make plenty of games. In his words: “Earn it.”

Charlie Manuel, the manager for this year’s NL All-Star team has said that if Strasburg goes 5-0 and continues to mow down opponents, he would be in favor of the Stras Man making the team.

Ryan Howard, who got ripped off a few years ago after leading the NL in HRs and RBI at the break and didn’t make the team, is also in favor of Strasburg being on the team.

It all depends on which camp you fall in with. The All-Star Game, even with 34-man rosters, the new DH rule, and the re-entry rule, even with all the crazy changes, is still a game that counts for home-field advantage in the World Series. In my own opinion, if you want to win the game, not just go on merit or mania, Strasburg should 100% be on that roster.

Madson-Throws-Red-Sidebar.jpgI have been around pro baseball since 1983, and Stephen Strasburg is the most amazing thing I have witnessed in those 27 years - from his talent to his appeal and likeability.

Finally, if the All-Star Game is truly about the fans - and I’m as big a fan as anyone - Stephen Strasburg should be in Anaheim come the second week of July.