Boras on Millwood

Agent Scott Boras drew the usual crowd of reporters today for his annual winter meetings session, meaning he was completely surrounded and anyone stuck in the back needed to read his lips. And you get to know the person in front and behind you real fast.

I might be legally married to a Seattle photographer in five states.

Boras represents pitcher Kevin Millwood, who reportedly is on the verge of joining the Orioles. Asked about the trade, he replied: “That is not done, but I’m sure there are discussions about it. The only thing I know is it’s not done yet.”

Boras is being reserved with his answer, since a trade technically isn’t completed until both teams review the medical records of the players involved, and until any requests for a physical exam are fulfilled.

Boras noted that Millwood’s contract allows him to veto a trade to 10 teams. The Orioles aren’t one of them.

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