Leaving Indy

I arrived at my gate at 5:30 a.m. for the flight home. Time once again to question why I didn’t go to medical school.

The guy working security kept struggling to pronounce my first name as he studied my drivers license. I finally assisted him after wondering why it mattered.

I’ll naturally be away from the laptop for a large chunk of the morning, but I’ll get to your comments as soon as possible. In the meantime, I’m pretty much out of Orioles news at the moment.

Agent Adam Katz told me yesterday that pitcher Joel Pineiro is his primary focus, and the Orioles aren’t interested. They only kicked the tires at the meetings, and won’t be returning to the showroom floor after trading for Kevin Millwood.

I still envision Erik Bedard greeting the Baltimore media when pitchers and catchers report to Sarasota in two months. And he can take his time getting ready with Millwood in the fold.

Of all the signings that took place in Indianapolis, Brandon Lyons’ three-year, $15 million deal from the Astros, and Pudge Rodriguez squeezing two years out of the Nationals, had the most people shaking their heads. Randy Wolf’s three-year, $29.75 million deal from the Brewers didn’t go unnoticed, either. And two years for LaTroy Hawkins? Wow.

In the least-shocking development, John Lackey, Matt Holliday and Jason Bay are still free agents, and Roy Halladay is still a Blue Jay. And the Orioles aren’t getting any of them.

OK, that’s not the shocking part.

Just checking again: Adrian Beltre knows the Red Sox aren’t on the West Coast, right?

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