Let’s get excited, or at least try

I want to go the rest of the day without hearing Tigers Woods’ name. That’s my modest goal.

I’ll sign off this subject by again pointing out that Woods turned a circus into a bigger circus by fending off the police for three days and chastising the media for starting rumors. And he’s still venting about “tabloid scrutiny,” even though at least part of the story proved to be true.

You know, the infidelity part.

At least that’s the assumption after he sort of admitted to something without completely admitting to something.

This might be a good time for Woods to just shut up and hope that another athlete’s indiscretion provides a much-needed distraction. Grady Sizemore is ready to send him a muffin basket.

Some readers keep pointing out that Woods wasn’t obligated to speak with the police after a “traffic violation.” Maybe that was his legal right - though I somehow doubt that it would have applied to me in this instance - but there are times in our lives when common sense needs to kick in. This would have been a good one.

Damage control is a life skill that comes in handy. Woods and Rafael Palmeiro need to attend the same seminar.

Now, about those Orioles...

As my one-hour segment on the Scott Garceau and Anita Marks Show on MASN reached its conclusion yesterday, Marks challenged me to name one player whose addition to the roster would have me totally jazzed at spring training.

Just as I was about to answer, she threw in this caveat:

“One player they could realistically add.”

And I was stumped.

I eliminated John Lackey, Matt Holliday and Jason Bay from the “realistic” list. Adrian Gonzalez (too costly in pitching prospects) and Prince Fielder (reportedly not available) also were nixed.

The Orioles can bolster their rotation and bullpen. They can plug the holes at first and third base, at least temporarily until the prospects are ready. They can slide a bat in the middle of the lineup that will provide some pop. But is there one player on their “radar,” as we like to say, who will have me doing handsprings in the white sands of a Sarasota beach?

I’m trying to come up with a name. And trying to learn how to do handsprings, just in case.

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