Quick hits (with video added)

I’ll send along transcription later from interviews with president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail, manager Dave Trembley and newly acquired pitcher Kevin Millwood. But first...

* MacPhail said Millwood wasn’t on the club’s original “target sheet,” but talks heated up in frigid Indianapolis.

Andy MacPhail talks with Roch Kubatko about the Kevin Millwood trade

* The Orioles are still interested in adding a few more pitchers, including one starter. “Absolutely,” MacPhail said. “We’re still in the pitching business.”

* Asked if the Orioles might discuss a contract extension with Millwood during the season, MacPhail replied: “We’ll see over time. Let’s see how things play out.”

* MacPhail didn’t want the first pitcher obtained to be someone with medical issues, a reference to Erik Bedard, among others.

* Millwood is likely to be the No. 1 starter heading into the season.

* Asked if the Orioles also received $3 million in the deal, MacPhail said the figure was “in the ballpark.”

* MacPhail doesn’t expect to sign or acquire any more players before leaving the meetings tomorrow. “I would be surprised if we did,” he said.

* Millwood said his contract actually includes 12 teams that he can’t be traded to without his consent.

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