Sights and sounds from the lobby

I should stress that I’m referring to the downtown Marriott lobby. It’s pretty dead over at the Westin, which is connected by a skywalk. I just got my cardio in by making the trip back and forth.

It doesn’t sound like the Orioles are close to finalizing a trade with the Rangers for Kevin Millwood, but that information comes from one person who spoke to a Texas official.

At this point, I wouldn’t get discouraged if you’re rooting for the deal, but nothing is imminent. Far from it.

Plenty of teams are contacting the Rangers, who are looking for salary relief - not to be confused with a closer - so they can sign Jermaine Dye.

Former Orioles closer Gregg Olson is here. And I’m not sure why.

Lou Piniella and Joe Maddon are the two most visible managers at these meetings. Every time I turn around, I see one of them in the lobby. Jim Leyland comes in third.

I exchanged e-mails with Aubrey Huff, who doesn’t have a sense for where he’ll play next season. There’s nothing hot at the moment.

Huff would love to come back to Baltimore, but it seems improbable.

One of the more bizarre scenes at these meetings: former Nationals general manager Jim Bowden interviewing current Nationals president Stan Kasten on SIRIUS XM’s MLB Home Plate channel.

I’ll be interviewing MASN broadcaster and former major league catcher and manager Buck Martinez later today for I need my video fix.

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