Chapman off the board? (updated)

If you predicted that Ray Rice would average 83 yards per carry today, you’re looking pretty smart right now.

Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman has agreed to a $30 million deal with a National League club, according to a tweet from Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.

That’s an impressive sum for a pitcher who brings such mixed reviews. Some teams love him, others question his character and whether he can be a starter in the majors. Some teams think he’s ready right now, others think he isn’t polished enough and will take time.

The Orioles liked Chapman and placed his value as equal to another pitching prospect from the past (I don’t have the name), so the Hendricks brothers would know what the club was willing to spend. They obviously knew that they could get a better deal someplace else and never got back to the Orioles.

The Red Sox passed after Chapman turned down their $15.5 million offer and changed agents.

I can’t imagine the Marlins doling out $30 million.

What about the Nats?

It’ll be interesting to see where he winds up and whether he pans out.

If it makes you feel any better about the offseason, the Yankees didn’t sign Chapman, John Lackey, Matt Holliday or Jason Bay. But they’re going hard after Jerry Hairston Jr.

Update: Passan is now speculating that the Reds have signed Chapman for $30 million over five years.

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