Dwindling market for LaRoche?

The Orioles need a corner infielder, and first baseman Adam LaRoche looks like the most appealing option among the free agents on the market.

ESPN’s Buster Olney tweets that LaRoche turned down the Giants’ two-year, $17 million offer.

At least he hasn’t panicked yet.

Olney speculates (and that’s all he’s doing here) that the Giants and Orioles are the only potential suitors for LaRoche. The Orioles aren’t likely to exceed San Francisco’s offer, but by allowing the market to - brace yourselves - play out, he could fall into their laps.

If the Giants become frustrated and move on, LaRoche might have to reconsider those demands - unless another team is laying in the weeds.

One report earlier this winter had LaRoche seeking a three-year, $30 million deal, which is why the Orioles weren’t particularly focused on him. If he’s turning down $17 million over two years, he’s still reaching for the stars.

I’m fine with the Orioles signing a first baseman for two years. Worry about Brandon Snyder if/when the time comes. LaRoche can be traded. Snyder can find at-bats as the designated hitter. Whatever it takes.

An organization that’s posted 12 straight losing seasons shouldn’t worry about having a surplus of hitters.

You can check out LaRoche’s career stats here and decide if he’s worth the money.

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