MacPhail still dancing around the subject

During his latest forum, president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail reminded fans that he can’t confirm any contract agreements until the player passes his physical. But he did his best to get the message across about Miguel Tejada.

He wasn’t going to issue any denials. Everyone knows the deal is done. And the crowd broke out in applause as MacPhail dropped more hints.

“All I know is Dave (Trembley) has been smiling since I talked to him this morning,” MacPhail said.

Trembley didn’t mention Tejada by name, but he talked about having to figure out where his new hitter fits in the 2010 lineup.

I could see him batting second behind Brian Roberts, but the Orioles could move him down into more of a run-producing spot. He’s not a big home run hitter anymore, but those singles and doubles will work. It’s not a reach to imagine Tejada hitting .300 with 80-plus RBIs.

It’s also not hard to imagine ground balls getting past him at third, or slow choppers turning into infield hits. His glove will be one of the main storylines in spring training.

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