More invites and reaction from Sarfate

The Orioles have invited six more players to spring training, including shortstop Blake Davis.

Joining Davis will be catchers Luis Bernardo and Adam Donachie, infielder Miguel Abreu, outfielder Matt Angle and infielder/outfielder Jonathan Tucker.

The Orioles also made Sarfate’s removal from the 40-man roster official.

Sarfate received the news from his agent earlier today that the Orioles had designated him for assignment. He let it sink in, took a deep breath and headed outdoors to throw a bullpen session.


“It was probably the best bullpen of my life because I was so pissed,” he said.

Sarfate must have gotten over it quickly, since he kept insisting to me that he’s not angry. Saddened is more like it - and surprised that the Orioles decided to hand his spot on the roster to new third baseman Miguel Tejada.

“My agent asked them what the process was,” Sarfate said. “He took a look at the roster and said there were plenty of guys they could do that to. They said that if he recalled, they thought about doing it last year.

“I know it’s a business. They said they hoped that I’d get claimed so I can go to a big league team, but they also hope they can retain my rights and I could go to Triple-A or make the club out of spring training.”

Sarfate said he could refuse an outright assignment and elect to become a free agent.

“I don’t know if I would,” he said. “Right now, where I’m standing, I hope I get to pitch for another team. Obviously, my goal is to pitch in the big leagues every year. I’m not saying I couldn’t make the (Orioles) out of spring training, because if I do go there, I intend to make the team, but obviously I’d be the last in line to get innings. If I get the chance to go to another team, I’d be happy and take it with open arms.

“To me, I’m kind of in shock. I wish I had known earlier and saved two days of my life and not gone to Baltimore for FanFest. I flew cross-country and left my daughter at home.”

If he sounds bitter, he doesn’t mean for it to come across that way.

“I’m not mad at anyone,” he said. “They gave me two years in the big leagues and I thank them for it. It’s been a great two years. My daughter was born there, I met a lot of awesome people, I love the city of Baltimore, and the organization is definitely going in the right direction. I wish I could be part of it.”

He’ll know by Monday whether that’s possible.

“I told my agent to just get me on a team,” he said. “I don’t care where it is. I’m not opposed to staying with the Orioles and coming up if someone goes down, or making the team out of spring training. I’ve even thought about Japan.

“It’s gut-check. It’s someone saying they don’t think you’re as good as someone else on the roster. I’m not going to trash anyone, but I know I’m better than some people on the roster. But that’s the way it works. It’s just a numbers thing. I’ve got to live with it.”

Sarfate said he’ll miss his teammates, especially Brad Bergesen, who contacted the reliever earlier today to express his disappointment.

“It’s a sad day, but I also want to see where I end up,” Sarfate said. “I might go to the World Series next year. Who knows? Anything can happen.

“I’m not pissed by any means, just a little hurt. It caught me off guard. I never thought it would be me.”

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