Regular duty for Tejada

President of baseball operations Andy MacPhail addressed a question during the press conference that was directed at Miguel Tejada. He jumped in like a referee getting between two fighters, though he didn’t wave his arms and remove Tejada’s mouthpiece.

A reporter wanted to know whether Tejada would have any issues with moving off third base to make room for Josh Bell later this summer, if the situation presented itself. More to the point, would he accept a part-time role?

“The kind of deal that we struck here with Miguel, I don’t know that I would anticipate making the commitment that we made to him and not have him play every day,” MacPhail said. “I think you can put that one to bed. If he’s healthy, he’s going to be out there because that’s the way he’s going to insist on it. I think that scenario has been deemed unlikely by subsequent events.

“We didn’t get Miguel with the idea that this is just going to be a few months and then Bell’s coming in. That’s not at all what we’re thinking.”

MacPhail said the controversies that hounded Tejada as he left Baltimore - they went unnamed, but we all got the reference - didn’t cause him to hesitate before making an offer.

“He went through the process that he went through,” MacPhail said. “He went through a large measure of scrutiny and I think handled himself well and satisfied those people that needed to be satisfied, and we’ve moved on from there. I was confident that that one had been put behind us.”

During a later interview on MASN, MacPhail said the club most likely was done adding position players. The focus has shifted to pitchers, especially left-handers for the bullpen. That should reduce the number of daily questions I receive about guys like Jim Thome and Carlos Delgado.

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