What logjam?

If you’re wondering why the Orioles aren’t concerned about a logjam in the outfield, I can give you two pretty good reasons.

Nolan Reimold isn’t certain that he’ll be full-go when he reports to spring training next month. He still hasn’t done any sprints since undergoing surgery on his left Achilles on Sept. 23.

Felix Pie didn’t play winter ball because his injured left quadriceps muscle has been slow to heal.

Factor in the days that Adam Jones and Lou Montanez spent on the disabled list, and it’s understandable why the Orioles want the extra bodies in camp.

Reimold, calling into the Hot Stove Show last night on 105.7 The Fan and ESPN 1300, said he continues to rehab and is performing agility drills at his Pennsylvania home. Reimold’s pretty confident that he’ll be “ready to go” once he arrives in Sarasota - which he plans to do early - but how can you be sure?

Asked whether he’ll be limited in spring training, Reimold said, “I don’t know until I get out there, probably. I haven’t sprinted 100 percent or anything like that. I don’t know what the timetable is for me to do that. It’s hard to do that up here in Pennsylvania, so I’ll probably get down there a little bit early and test things out a little more, and I’m sure they’ll want to evaluate me when I get there.”

Reimold said he had 25-percent fraying in his Achilles, due to a bone that rubbed against it. Doctors grinded down the bone to alleviate the problem, but they didn’t need to detach the Achilles.

Reimold wore a splint for a while, then a walking boot. One of his first exercises involved picking up marbles with his toes.

“It’s tough at first,” he said, “but it’s a lot easier now.”

Something else to put on the resume.

I’ll post another entry on Reimold later today.

Meanwhile, I’m told that Pie flew down to Sarasota so he can begin workouts.

I’m not a doctor, though I played it a few times as a kid, but do strained quads normally take this long to heal? It seems like an unusually long time to still be experiencing discomfort, considering that the injury occurred on Sept. 25 as Pie ran to first base on a potential double-play ball.

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