Bergy on Bergy

Brad Bergesen was pleased with his first mound session and is confident that he’ll be fine physically when he wakes up tomorrow morning.

Bergesen threw about 30 pitches, most of them fastballs. He worked in a couple of changeups at the end.

“I’m really relieved,” he said. “I’ve been looking forward to getting back out there for a long time. Really, the last time I was on a mound, other than the commercial, but actually competing for something, was that last game (on July 30), so it’s been a while. I’ve been really, really looking forward to today.”

Bergesen’s location was impressive, especially when you consider that he’s been confined to three flat-ground sessions since the injury.

“I was a little surprised by it,” he said. “I didn’t know what to expect. Today was just getting up there and kind of getting the cobwebs out of there. But I was able to get the ball down and throw my two-seamer.”

Catcher Matt Wieters mentioned that Bergesen also had good sink on his fastball.

“I’ve been working on it in those flat-ground sessions, but you never know how that’s going to translate once you get on the mound,” Bergesen said. “But I was very happy with it today, and hopefully I can keep building on that.”

Asked how much effort he put into the session, Bergesen replied: “I definitely would say I was close to 100 percent as far as being smooth. Even in games, I’m not one to really try to over-exert myself when I throw, but I was probably 75, 80 percent, just trying to be smooth today.”

Bergesen figures to catch up to the rest of the pitchers by the middle of March.

“I think that’s the plan,” he said. “In a couple weeks, I should hopefully be caught up with everyone. Hopefully, just continue to build on what I did today and get that much better each time.”

Asked if he’s nervous about how the shoulder will respond overnight, Bergesen said, “I’m really not worried about it. I know the feeling in my arm the last time when I threw, I felt it right then and there. So I’m not worried about it. I’m pretty confident it will be fine.”

He can be sure that his teammates will continue to give him a hard time about all the attention he’s receiving over a simple mound session.

“I’ve been getting worn out all day,” he said, smiling. “To be honest, that’s every day with me.”

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