Bergy on Bergy (updated twice)

Brad Bergesen said he felt a lot better today than his first outing. He lamented one bad pitch, a hanging slider to David Ortiz that resulted in a two-run homer.

“As far as mechanics go, I felt much more smooth and much more like myself,” he said.

“I still don’t feel quite where I need to be, but it’s good that it’s spring training right now and I’m able to get probably three more outings before the season starts. And this one was that much better than the last one, as far as getting back to where I need to be.

“My style of pitching is location and movement. I’m seeing the movement in my pitches, so that’s a plus. They’re just a little off the plate, so I’m working behind a few too many hitters right now.”

Bergesen, who said he’s pain-free in his shoulder and shin, will probably have his pitch-limit bumped to 60-65.

Chris Tillman tossed a scoreless fourth, and the Orioles continue to lead, 5-2. He’s in a jam in the fifth after the Red Sox opened the inning with a walk and single.

Update: Tillman retired the next three batters.

Update II: Josh Reddick hit a long two-run homer off Tillman in the sixth inning to reduce the Orioles’ lead to 6-4. Tug Hulett doubled with one out before Reddick batted.

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