Free your mind and the rest will follow

The rain is coming down hard here, but it’s expected to stop before the first pitch is thrown. Just a morning shower, or so we’re told.

I’m savoring a rare morning at Ed Smith Stadium. We travel to Dunedin tomorrow and Clearwater on Friday and Sunday. The Orioles also play a split-squad game in Fort Myers on Saturday, but I’ll cover the Sarasota game.

Former Orioles farmhand Rommie Lewis accompanied the Blue Jays to Sarasota today. So did Raul Chavez and Joey Gathright. But no Adam Loewen.

Robert Andino collected two more singles yesterday to raise his spring average to .280. Each day seems to bring another two-hit game.

The easy explanation is he’s not trying to hit every ball 500 feet. Andino has some pop, but it can’t be forced.

Andino makes it sound even easier.

Me: “What adjustment did you make from earlier in the spring, when you got off to a slow start?”

Andino: “Don’t think.”

Andino was referring to himself, though I often take that advice.

“Just have fun and stop thinking at the plate. See it and hit it. When you’re taught the game and you talk to Crow, everything you hear is easier said than done. But this game’s a mind game. Once somebody gets in your mind, you’ve got to get back on track to get focused. Otherwise, it’s not going to work out too good.”

It’s been working for Andino.

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