Moeller in a holding pattern

Chad Moeller was standing at his locker this morning in a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans. No uniform jersey and pants. Nothing that would suggest he’ll be working out with the team.

Moeller is in a holding pattern of sorts (hence, the title of this entry). He’s hoping to find out within the hour whether he’ll be moving to another organization or reassigned to the minor league camp. And he wouldn’t speculate on his next move if the latter occurs.

It’s also possible that the wait will continue. He just doesn’t know.

The locker next to Moeller’s is occupied by Craig Tatum, the man who took his job after entering camp as a decided underdog.


“They had told me that I had a chance to make the team, and I thought it could happen if I just came in here and did what I could and did well behind the plate,” Tatum said.

“I had to learn every pitcher on the staff as quick as I could, so I tried to catch as many bullpens as I could, just to learn their strengths. The only chance I had to make it was if I got to know the pitchers well and they liked throwing to me. That was the only shot I was going to have to make the team.”

The process continues. Tatum caught Brad Bergesen yesterday for only the second time this spring.

“I’m getting there,” he said. “I’ve still got a little ways to go to learn everything about all of them. I have to talk to Kranny a lot. And I’ve got to learn the hitters in the American League East, so I’m going to have to be watching a lot of video quick and getting scouting reports on each hitter. I had to do it last year when I got called up in Cincinnati because I didn’t know any hitters.”

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