More Koji (and minor leaguers added)

Please allow me to introduce myself...and to pass along some quotes from Koji Uehara. I’ve got the complete transcript for you. Enjoy.

His timeline:
“I am thinking to play catch tomorrow. That’s what I am thinking.”

When he’ll return to the mound:
“At this moment, I don’t know.”

How he’s feeling now:
“Similar to yesterday.”

If he’s in pain:
“When I am walking around, I feel fine. If I could not walk, I wouldn’t be able to come here.”

When he’ll be able to run:
“We haven’t talked about that yet. Probably not within a couple days.”

If he’s concerned:
“I have had this before when I was in Japan, so it is something I’ve had to deal with.”

If it’s frustrating because he’s converting to relief and now he can’t pitch:
“I look at the fact that I did it this time of the season, the preseason, so I look at it that way instead of feeling frustrated.”

Whether he has a set date to pitch in a game:
“If I do that, I tend to rush myself, so I try not to set that date.”

Here are the minor leaguers added for tomorrow’s split-squad games:

Home vs. Pittsburgh
Andy Gonzalez INF
Paco Figueroa INF
Danny Figueroa OF
Tyler Henson OF
Brian Ward C
Eddie Gamboa RHP
Jim Miller RHP
Brett Jacobsen RHP

Away vs. Boston
Ryan Adams INF
Jason White INF
Xavier Avery INF
Kyle Hudson OF
Phil Britton C
Pat Egan RHP
Ryohei Tanaka RHP
Pedro Beato RHP
Tim Bascom RHP

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