Patton pending

Scott Moore is feeling under the weather this morning. And the weather is really nice today - sunny and warm.

Moore is moving slowly through the clubhouse and looking like he needs a long nap.

Troy Patton has appeared in one game this spring, allowing a solo home run to former Pirates first-rounder Tony Sanchez in the March 5 game in Sarasota. He also struck out one.

Patton says his shoulder is healthy. He’s scheduled to go two innings in tomorrow’s B-squad game in Pirate City.

So where’s he been hiding?

“Since there’s really not a chance for me to make the team, they probably want to look at guys who have a chance or are out of options,” he said. “They’re not really in any rush to make a decision on me. Or it seems that way. That’s fine.”

Patton has been throwing bullpen sessions to build up his innings.

“I feel good,” he said. “I’m excited about pitching tomorrow. My arms feels better than it has in a while.”

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