Tatum leaves game (and so does Koji)

Catcher Craig Tatum left the game with one out in the fifth inning with an apparent injury to his hand.

Koji Uehara struck out Travis Snider on three pitches and got ahead 0-1 on John McDonald when Tatum rose to his feet and began walking to the mound. We didn’t see whether Tatum was hit by a foul tip. It seems like every person in the press box was looking down when it happened.

I’ll have an update later.

Luis Bernardo has replaced Tatum.

Keep in mind that Michel Hernandez is out four to six weeks with a fractured right index finger.

My NCAA bracket also is fractured. Thanks Notre Dame. And what’s going on with Villanova?

Update: Koji Uehara also has been removed from the game. He appeared to have some discomfort in his left leg. Maybe a cramp. I’ll check on him, as well.

McDonald doubled with one out, and Uehara was ahead, 0-2, on Jose Bautista. Alberto Castillo has entered the game.

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