Beyond painful

I don’t mean the porterhouse steak that my father grilled for me that overlapped my plate. Or half of my mother’s steak that I ate for dessert.

That’s a lot of red meat, my friends.

The Orioles lost again today, which is sort of like reporting that the sun came up or someone broke up with Jennifer Aniston (which is the real mystery to me.)

Jim Johnson blew the save after Ty Wigginton’s sacrifice fly in the eighth inning gave the Orioles a 3-2 lead.

Johnson is getting first crack at the closers job while Mike Gonzalez works out in Sarasota. Not sure who’s next in line.

Miguel Tejada departed with a mild groin injury, according to reports, that shouldn’t force the Orioles to place him on the disabled list. But they might have to play shorthanded for a few days while things are going so well for them.

It just keeps getting better.

I can barely finish typing this entry, and it’s not because the steaks are making me woozy.

The players-only meeting that took place before the game was a great idea, but I wonder if they forgot to discuss the importance of getting those last three outs. Why has this little detail become such a problem?

Was it an eight inning-only meeting?

Another injury, another blown save, another loss.

I’m afraid to ask if it can get any worse. Or what’s causing my stomach to churn.

I’m blaming the steaks, but it’s a tough call.

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