Hernandez deserves better

Could someone remind Julio Lugo that it’s 90 feet from home plate to first base?

it looked like he might have become confused and slowed up after nine.

If manager Dave Trembley wanted to send a message to his players tonight, he had an opportunity right there. Run out every ground ball or keep going directly into the clubhouse. Towels are hanging in the shower.

David Hernandez is headed toward one of those “he deserved better” starts. He hasn’t allowed a run since the first inning, and the Mariners have managed only three hits over that period, including two in the sixth. But he continues to trail, 2-1, because the Orioles insist on treating Jason Vargas like Doug Fister.

The Orioles had a chance to tie the game in the top of the sixth after Ty Wigginton led off with a double, but Nick Markakis flied to center, Nolan Reimold popped to short and Luke Scott struck out.

Hernandez jacked up his pitch count in the first, but he’s managed to carry the game into the seventh, and that’s quite an accomplishment. It’s also exactly what the Orioles needed tonight.

They also could use two more runs.

Instant update: The Mariners just tacked on a run in the seventh, and a tired Hernandez is coming out of the game with a runner on second base and the Orioles behind, 3-1. That’s a quality start for Hernandez, but he’ll need more support if he’s going to avoid a tough loss.

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