Jumper cables for a broken down offense

Now that the Orioles understand the team with the worst record after 16 games doesn’t get the first pick in the NFL draft, they can proceed with their three-game series in Boston.


Don’t get too excited. Brian Matusz doesn’t pitch until tomorrow.

I’m trying to figure out ways the Orioles can support manager Dave Trembley and find a solution “player personnel-wise” to their assortment of issues.

The offense is spinning its tires in the mud. Who can give it a push?

Focusing within the organization, you’ll find that Rhyne Hughes is batting .375 with five doubles, a triple, three homers and 11 RBIs at Triple-A Norfolk. He’s also struck out 13 times in 48 at-bats.

Hughes has played first base and the outfield. He’s on the 40-man roster. His numbers would suggest that he deserves a look, though you’d have to figure out a way to make room for him. And we might find out whether he’s legit or 4A.

Outfielder Jeff Salazar, a non-roster invitee to spring training and a career .232 hitter in 168 major league games, is batting .333 with three doubles, three homers and nine RBIs.

Where else are you going to look?

Brandon Snyder is batting .189 with five RBIs and 19 strikeouts in 53 at-bats. Josh Bell is hitting .236 with five RBIs and 16 strikeouts in 55 at-bats.

Trembley keeps shuffling the lineup. Lou Montanez seemed to inject some life on top of it. Miguel Tejada could return to it tonight.

Maybe that will help. What we’ve been watching can’t continue.

If only it could be easily solved.

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