Lugo arrives

Julio Lugo is on the travel roster for today’s game against the Yankees in Tampa. His bag is packed and he’s ready to board the bus.

Lugo expects to get more playing time with the Orioles than the Cardinals, who traded him yesterday for a PTBNL or cash.

“I’m just going to come here and do my best,” he said. “I like to play. I’m fine. I’m happy they found a way to do it and I’m happy that I’m here.”

I reminded Lugo that the Orioles have Brian Roberts at second base and Cesar Izturis at shortstop. He’ll back up at both positions and allow the Orioles to rest Roberts early in the season.

“Dave (Trembley) told me I’m going to play more,” Lugo said.

“I’m aware that he’s hurt, but I know he’s the second baseman here. I think Dave’s going to try to get me some playing time.”

Lugo can be used in other spots besides the middle infield.

“Anybody who can play shortstop can play anywhere,” he said. “I’m capable of doing anything.”

Lugo doesn’t think he’s at a disadvantage joining a new team two days into April.

“You’re ready physically and mentally,” he said. “You come from another team and you’ve already had spring training. It’s not like I was sitting at home not doing anything. It’s just a different hat, a different uniform.

“Baltimore has a team that has a lot of winners. A lot of good people have been through here. All the guys talk good about this team. I just want to lay low and try to figure it out myself.”

Lugo said he’s fully recovered from a groin injury suffered earlier this spring.

“It wasn’t a big thing. I’m fine,” he said.

Robert Andino is waiting to find out whether he’s been traded or put on waivers. He hadn’t heard anything when I spoke to him this morning.

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