More post-game chatter

Orioles manager Dave Trembley was encouraged by Jeremy Guthrie’s outing tonight.

Very encouraged.

“The story for us is the way Guthrie pitched,” Trembley said. “That’s Guthrie of 2008 right there. He pitched a great game. Located, pitched down, was aggressive with his pitches. You liked the way he pitched and he’ll win a lot of games if he continues to go out there like that.

“If you see his arm angle, his arm angle is back to the way it was in 2008. If you saw him last year, he was more over the top and the balls were up. To his credit, going in the back and pitching a couple of those minor league games, I think he has got himself back in a real good delivery mode, a real good release, and you saw movement and you saw finish and you saw him pitching down. Very few pitches were up, and when they are up, they are up for a purpose, to try and change eye level.”

Jim Hunter and Jim Palmer ask Dave Trembley about the O’s 4-3 loss
Here’s Guthrie’s take on his outing:

“I felt very good out there, confident with the pitches I had, and for the most part the location was good. I tried to stay down and I made some quality pitches.

“In my last three outings, I felt really, really good about the things I’ve been able to work on and confident with my stuff, and its nice to be able to go out on the mound and feel like I have the weapons and the execution to get people out.”

Guthrie said his slider was better tonight “than any start I remember having last year, so that’s a real positive.”

So was his ability to get through the first inning unscathed.

“It was real nice to see the two runs go up on our end and put a zero up,” he said. “It was like a double positive. I needed to go out and start well, as well as put up a zero after we scored.”

And finally, here’s the reason some viewers couldn’t get MASN2 HD for tonight’s broadcast (I received this e-mail late in the game as the inquiries to this blog mounted):

Because of the large number of live sporting events taking place simultaneously, DirecTV is having capacity limitations with its carriage of MASN2 HD. DirecTV customers can still watch the Orioles game live on MASN2 SD, in standard definition, on channel 641.

The game is being transmitted in HD across all of MASN’s other affiliates.

We regret the inconvenience this causes to Orioles fans and to MASN’s DirecTV viewers.

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