Post-game chatter

The last time two Orioles recorded their first career saves in consecutive games was Mike Flanagan on May 7, 1977 and Scott McGregor on May 8, 1977.

That puts Cla Meredith and Alfredo Simon in elite company.

Manager Dave Trembley decided before the game that Simon would close tonight.

“I’ve got nothing to lose,” he said. “We’re going to give guys opportunities and I’m going to try to slot guys back in the roles where they’re best suited, not only for themselves but for the club. I’ve had guys put in situations because of injuries and decisions that are made and they’ve done the very best they can, but it’s been an uncomfortable situation for them. And that’s my fault, but I’ve gone with the best that I’ve had. Now I feel like I’m getting some help.

“Andy (MacPhail) and I talked about this 10 days ago, taking Simon out of the starting rotation. He’s got a power arm. Maybe he can help us in the bullpen. It’s been just the opposite for us this season compared to last. Our starting pitching has been good. The backend of our bullpen hasn’t.

“Tonight. we did what we had to do to mix it and match it and try to get outs and put guys in situations that I thought were best for them and for the team. And tonight, I had nothing to lose putting Simon in. I talked to him before the game and I asked him one question and one question only, ‘Are you scared?’ And he said, ‘No,’ and that’s all I had to hear.”

Will Simon close tomorrow if the Orioles have another save opportunity?

“See how the game goes tomorrow, see how he feels,” Trembley said. “I don’t know how he’ll feel. I don’t know how he’ll respond tomorrow. He threw 97 mph tonight. I’m sure he probably put as much effort and energy into it. He’s never done it before. I want to see how he is tomorrow. And if he’s fine...let’s have a blowout, 11-1, and I won’t have to worry about it. That would be beautiful. But if he’s not, there’s other guys.”

Asked about the tension in the bottom of the ninth, Trembley replied: “I think all the other stuff we’ve gone through the previous 19 games, the ninth inning tonight was a piece of cake.”

The Orioles got to blow out the candles. They didn’t blow the save.

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