Pre-game chatter

Brad Bergesen’s locker is set up and manager Dave Trembley confirmed that the right-hander will make tomorrow’s start.

We already knew it, but I suppose it’s worth repeating.

“Bergesen is on regular rest to come back and pitch,” Trembley said. “He went down there and did the things we asked him to do. I talked to him today earlier and he seems a lot more relaxed, a lot more sure of himself. He pitched very well down there. He got some good work in. I would expect that you’ll see Brad Bergesen return to the form we’re all accustomed to seeing when he pitches tomorrow night.”

Just to be accurate, Bergesen is actually getting an extra day’s rest. He pitched Sunday and he’ll start again tomorrow.

Asked to pinpoint why Bergesen struggled in his three major league outings, Trembley replied, “I think what he tried to do was catch up from an unfortunate incident that occurred in the off-season. That’s what I think. And he rushed himself and he worked so darn hard, the guy cares so much, that he put himself in a position where he had to learn how to handle some things he’s never had to handle before. And he didn’t know how to do it. That’s an honest answer to an honest question.”

Trembley also believes Bergesen was relying on his breaking ball too much and “got out of being Brad Bergesen.”

“He’s a strike thrower, a sinkerball pitcher. He’s not a breaking ball pitcher. He was overthrowing, spinning off the ball. His delivery wasn’t good. He was a nervous wreck. The kid cares. He got put in a terrible situation and it spun out of control on him. It did. But I love him. He’s a great guy. He’s going to pitch and be successful for a long time, and I’m hoping that it starts for him tomorrow night. He deserves it. He really does. He’s a beauty.”

The corresponding roster move will be announced tomorrow. Will it be a difficult decision?

“They’re all difficult,” Trembley said. “Every decision that you make in this game is difficult. None of them are easy. None of them. From putting a sign on to taking the pitcher out to leaving a guy in to sending a guy down, none of them are easy. You wrestle with them all the time, but you do what you feel is right.”

Asked what he’s seen from Adam Jones in the leadoff spot, Trembley replied, “Better at-bats last night. Working at it. I like it when he uses the other side of the field. He needs to be more patient at the plate, not get himself out as much. I think he’s a tremendous talent, has a lot of ability, and I believe he’s the best choice to be in the leadoff spot right now.

“If anything, he’ll learn about himself and what he needs to do in order to be a better hitter. He’s got to stop chasing pitches and getting himself out. I think he can do that.”

I’d like to see him do it lower in the order, but we’ve beaten that topic to death. Trembley likes him batting first.

The Orioles have scored 10 runs in David Hernandez’s four starts, and only two while he’s been on the mound.

Cesar Izturis has hit in four straight games, including three multi-hit games, and is 7-for-13 with three RBIs to raise his average from .208 to .279.

What’s gotten into this guy?

“I think he got sick and tired of me pinch-hitting for him,” Trembley said. “He’s answering me back, and I love it.”

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