Well, it’s a concern...

Adam Jones appears to have injured his right arm after stumbling out of the batters box.

Jones reached down to break his fall. Let’s hope that’s all he broke.

MASN’s cameras have caught Jones flexing his right hand and massaging his bicep and elbow. He grimaced at one point and bent slightly at the waist.

Of course, the first batter in the fourth inning hit a fly ball to Jones, who made the catch and gingerly threw the ball back to the infield.

The Orioles have enough players on the disabled list, and they’re still waiting for Miguel Tejada to return to the lineup. They don’t need to lose Jones, too, no matter how much he’s scuffling.

Heck, Corey Patterson hasn’t even unpacked yet.

Instant update: You want pain? The Mariners have tied the game, 1-1, on an infield hit with the bases loaded.

Instant update II: You want excruciating pain? Jack Wilson just cleared the bases with a double, and he’s not an RBI machine. Seattle 4, Orioles 1.

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