Second-guessing one side

Here we go again.

Everyone in the press box expected manager Dave Trembley to bring Matt Albers into the game with two outs, a runner on first and Adrian Beltre stepping to the plate in the top of the ninth.

I said, “Let Will Ohman pitch. Stop passing the baton.” But I’m not sure I really believed it. I just wanted to be the contrarian.

I do know that Ohman has retired a few righties in his day - including Mike Lowell, who struck out after J.D. Drew’s leadoff single.

Trembley stepped out of the dugout, walked to the mound and did a quick reversal. Ohman must have talked him out of it, or Trembley suddenly remembered he left the water running in his office bathroom.

A few reporters predicted that the move would blow up in Trembley’s face, but Ohman struck out Beltre to preserve the 2-2 tie.

Shows what they know.

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