Tejada defends Trembley and Crowley

If you visit MASN’s media lounge, you’ll find Amber Theoharis’ post-game interview with third baseman Miguel Tejada. It’s worth a look.

You might be interested in Tejada’s reaction when asked about all the speculation over the job security of manager Dave Trembley and hitting coach Terry Crowley, and whether the players share the responsibility for what’s transpired this season.

Miguel Tejada talks with Amber about the players responsibility to win

“They’re not playing,” Tejada replied. “The manager’s not playing, the hitting coach is not playing. It’s the players who play. Why does everybody just complain about them? The media always just goes up to the manager and the hitting coach. They’re not playing.

“We’ve just got to pick it up, the players. We’ve just got to go play harder. I’m tired of the media going to the manager and hitting coach. They’re doing their jobs. Why keep bothering them? They’re doing their job. We’ve just got to play better baseball.”

You know what they say about firing 25 guys.

Tejada looked like he wanted to climb into his locker, but Theoharis squeezed in one more question about the talent level on the team.

“We have the talent,” he said. “We’ve got to continue to play baseball and keep playing. I know it’s a tough time. We’ve all got to continue playing. We’ve got to make something happen every day.”

Earlier in the interview, Theoharis sought Tejada’s opinion on what’s missing on this team and whether it’s a winning culture or “a standard.”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I think the other team is playing better baseball than we do. I don’t think we’re missing anything. We’re just not hitting.

“Everybody has a tough time during the season. It’s hard to be at the same level the whole time during the season. What we’ve got to do is continue to play hard and everybody just give a little bit more.”

Tejada also mentioned how Tuesday begins a new month and he hopes the Orioles can start to have a better season. Unfortunately, we were saying the same thing on May 1.

Down on the farm, Single-A Delmarva’s Jesse Beal held Lakewood to one earned run (two total) and four hits over seven innings, with one walk and four strikeouts, to lower his ERA to 3.30. But Nicholas Haughian blew the save by allowing two runs and five hits in the last two innings.

Single-A Frederick’s Ryan O’Shea allowed two earned runs (four total) and nine hits over six innings, with three walks and no strikeouts, in a 7-2 loss to Lynchburg. Kyle Hudson and Ronnie Welty each went 2-for-4.

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