Millwood: “I just wasn’t executing my pitches”

Reminds me of the famous line delivered by former Tampa Bay Bucs coach John McKay when asked by a reporter about his woeful team’s execution.

“I’m all for it.”

Anyway, here’s how Kevin Millwood summarized the first inning:

“I got a ball up to Andrus that he hit, walked Michael Young and then threw one right down the middle to Hamilton. So, I just wasn’t executing my pitches.”

Hamilton and Vladimir Guerrero did the serious damage to Millwood, who fell to 2-14.

“They’re pretty good,” he said. “They’ve got a pretty good track record. You’ve got to make good pitches to them. The ball Hamilton hit out and the ball Guerrero hit out weren’t good pitches. You’ve got to make better pitches.”

He was asked again about the lack of run support when he pitches.

“I worry about the stuff I can control, and that’s getting people out and making people out,” he said. “I just haven’t made enough good pitches.”

Luke Scott hit his 100th career home run.

“I knew kind of early in the year that I was getting up toward that number,” he said. “I look at it as a blessing. I’m very blessed to play this game. God’s given me a great opportunity to be here. It’s something that I love to do. To have a chance to hit 100 home runs at the major league level, it’s something that I’m humbled by. I’m thankful because it’s been a lot of fun.”

The Orioles won the season series with the Rangers, 6-4, and took six of the last eight games. This is the first time they’ve won the series since 2004.

“We have talent on this team,” Scott said. “We’ve got youth. We’ve got young pitchers, young arms, doing a good job for us. They’ve had a slow start. A lot of us have had a slow start. The good thing is we, as a group. we’ve gotten better.

“Even though it’s been a tough season, it’s been real easy to cash in, just say, ‘Hey the season is a waste.’ We didn’t, and we’ve been working hard. We’re playing better as a group and individually.”

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