The Showalter must go on

That’s two in a row, but who’s counting?

The Orioles held on for a 9-7 victory after the Angels scored the last six runs of the game.

“When you get to six innings, can we keep them from scoring eight runs before we get nine outs? I kind of break it down that way. And we did,” said manager Buck Showalter.


Special thanks to Torii Hunter for attempting to steal third base with no outs in the ninth inning after the Angels had reduced the deficit to two runs. He already was in scoring position. What the heck was he thinking?

Showalter didn’t bite when asked how he would have reacted if one of his players committed that sin.

We can probably guess.

“Mike (Scioscia) and the Angels have been very successful with their approach to competing in the major leagues,” he said. “They’re always going to make you make adjustments to them. They’re not going to sit back. I’ve been competing against them in the American League West for a long time and I’ve seen that be successful for them many more times than not.”

The Orioles went 6-for-12 with runners in scoring position, making them 11-for-23 under Showalter. They were 4-for-35 in their previous five games.

“I’m happy for them, I really am, because I know their track record shows that, for the most part, they’re better than that,” Showalter said. “Usually with Wiggy and Luke, and obviously Nick and Brian, you trust that sooner or later they’ll revert to their track record. We’ve got some young players who don’t have that track record yet, so you don’t know if that’s the norm or the exception.”

David Hernandez is certain to go on the disabled list. He told reporters that he’ll probably need 10-14 days to heal because it’s a Grade 2 sprain.

“There’s that potential,” Showalter said. “I think we’ll prepare for that case.”

Could Frank Mata be headed back here?

Here’s what Showalter said about his decision to limit Matusz to six innings and 93 pitches.

“He got a little stronger as we went on, but looking at the history and where he’s been his last few starts, from a career standpoint, too, with his innings...the decision for me was leaving him out there after he got Abreu out there (in the sixth). I was trying to keep him around 90 with that type of heat. It’s pretty sticky for a young man, but this is part of the process, pitching in August and September and learning when everybody’s tank isn’t full right now.”

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