Walk-off this way

The Toronto Blue Jays have hit 241 home runs.

Much to my surprise, I just discovered that they haven’t all come against the Orioles.

Lyle Overbay hit No. 4 today for Toronto leading off the bottom of the 11th inning. He fell behind, 0-1, against left-hander Mark Hendrickson and ended the game on the next pitch.

Koji Uehara cruised through the 10th inning on only 12 pitches, but manager Buck Showalter called upon Hendrickson for the lefty vs. lefty matchup.

It didn’t last long.

Plenty of blame to go around here, as the Orioles lost their third in a row. Jeremy Guthrie served up three home runs and couldn’t hold two leads. The Orioles squandered plenty of chances and refused to let Toronto hand them this game. Brian Roberts popped up everything thrown to him, or so it seemed. And the Jays made a couple of sensational plays in the field to complicate matters.

It wasn’t long ago that we were talking about the possibility of a rare sweep at Fenway Park. Now the Orioles need Rick VandenHurk to be a stopper tomorrow in his first start for them.

The Orioles are done with the Blue Jays after tomorrow. I was over them a long time ago.

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