Angelos, MacPhail and Showalter meet

Not much to report on today’s meeting that took place with majority owner Peter Angelos, president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail and manager Buck Showalter. MacPhail confirmed that it took place, but wouldn’t provide any details.

This meeting is held every October, though the manager isn’t always present. They review the past season and hold their first formal discussion about where to go from here.

You can be sure that a run-producing hitter was discussed, as well as the corner infield spots.

The meeting took place in the law office and lasted about 2 ½ hours.

The Orioles still don’t have a sense of when the coaching staff will be finalized. The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec is reporting that, according to sources, the Orioles are discussing an adviser/instructor position with Terry Crowley, though he still could return as hitting coach.

If so, it would be quite a change in direction over the last three weeks. That’s why it’s so difficult to speculate.

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