Addressing a few rumors

I’m typing this entry over the sound of my dishwasher, which seems to run for hours on the normal cycle. I can’t imagine how long it would go on “heavy wash.” I’m thinking days.

The Orioles aren’t likely to bid on Japanese infielder Tsuyoshi Nishioka, despite reports coming out of Japan.

Don’t believe everything you read - and that includes the translated stuff.

Again, the Orioles aren’t completely sold on Nishioka and don’t think the cost will be worth it. At this time, there are no plans to bid on him.

It’s safe to speculate that the Orioles are more likely to go the trade route for a third baseman than to sign one in free agency. There’s a huge gap between Adrian Beltre and everyone else, and Beltre is going to want too many years and too much money.

Don’t close the book on him completely, but I wouldn’t make holiday plans to hunt the Orioles Store for a Beltre jersey.

Like a few readers have pointed out, you don’t know which Beltre you’re getting. I’ve heard the term “checkered past” used to describe him.

The Orioles discussed the idea of trading for Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla, and there was more interest in the warehouse this off-season than last year. However, the same issue cropped up. Uggla doesn’t want to play third base or serve as a designated hitter.

It’s not like he’d have much of a choice, but the Orioles didn’t want an unhappy Uggla who seems intent on testing the free-agent market after the 2011 season. A pouting one-year rental just didn’t seem like a good fit.

Didn’t Uggla turn down $48 million from the Marlins?


Brian Roberts isn’t returning phone calls and texts, but the word on the street is he’s no longer dealing with headaches and dizziness. His back apparently is fine, as well, though we’ll study his every move in spring training.

The Orioles want an infielder who can play second on a regular basis - and play it well - if Roberts is sidelined, but it’s not a top priority. A big bat for the lineup and corner infielders rank much higher.

Another starting pitcher also brings appeal, but the interest in free-agent left-hander Jorge de la Rosa has been somewhat exaggerated. It’s not quite as hot as advertised.

The Orioles have talked to his agent and are intrigued, but “aggressive” is a stretch.

Don’t look for any announcements on the coaching staff by the weekend. In fact, the process might extend beyond Thanksgiving.

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