Bordick’s waiting like everyone else

I just got off the phone with former shortstop Mike Bordick, one of my all-time favorite players that I’ve covered on the Orioles’ beat. They don’t come much better than him, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a teammate or reporter who would disagree.

Would Cal Ripken move to third base for just anyone?

Not so fast, Mr. Alexander. Back of the line, Mr. Bell.

Bordick attended the organizational meetings in Arizona last week and never was approached about the possibility of joining manager Buck Showalter’s coaching staff, but it’s apparent that he’s been discussed internally. I’m just wondering why the club hasn’t gauged whether he’d be interested, unless that’s obvious to the decision-makers.

“I haven’t really had any indication,” said Bordick, who expects to remain a roving offensive instructor in the minors, perhaps with some additional responsibilities. “I’m sure they have a pool of names. I don’t really know what role I would take even if I was part of that staff, to tell you the truth.

“Considering that I’ve never coached third base before, that’s probably an outside shot. I don’t know.”

Bordick sounds like he’s open to the idea of becoming a coach. And if he did, he’d replace Juan Samuel as the guy who works with the infielders.

“Heck yeah,” he said. “I think that would be exciting, but again, third base coach is a different kind of beast. I think you need a little experience to be able to do that. But shoot, I’d definitely be willing to try.”

My prediction is that Bordick remains in his current role, but also becomes more of a presence at Camden Yards. His input is valued. However, good luck trying to guess along with the Orioles.

Keep a bottle of Tylenol with you.

So how do you think the Orioles could best utilize Bordick’s skills?

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