Sad news about Sparky

I’m not sure if anyone saw this story about former manager Sparky Anderson, who’s been placed in hospice care at his Thousand Oaks, Calif. home for complications resulting from dementia.

It’s sad to know that Anderson’s life is winding down in this manner.

Though he never managed the Orioles, he’s also a vivid part of my childhood sports memories.

How many times have we seen video of his rant following “the call” by plate umpire Ken Burkhart in Game 1 of the 1970 World Series? It’s a classic.

A description of the controversial play appears here.

Elrod Hendricks holds the ball in his bare hand and tags Bernie Carbo with his mitt. Carbo never appears to touch home plate. Burkhart is knocked to the ground and calls Carbo out. And Anderson keeps screaming something like, “There’s no way he made that tag,” while turning more red in the face.

That’s the Sparky that I’ll always remember.

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